Redeem Nest Tokens

Redeeming a nest token doesn't give you back ETH in return. It will give you the proportional underlying assets of the nest in return.

1) Go to and select the “Nests” tab. You will have been taken to a page with an array of Indexes, click the “select” button for the one you wish to redeem.

2) Click on the “Redeem” button on the page.

3) Hit the “Confirm” button on the Index token and accept the prompt in the Metamask extension. (You will need to pay an Approval Fee if you have not done so before)

Congratulations you have redeemed your Index Tokens! You will receive tokens based on the Token allocation for the Index. Below is an example of the chart/ token breakdown. (Make sure you have the token addresses added to your Wallet to see the tokens)