Each year a roadmap is agreed with the community in an "Annual Agenda". Anyone can propose and be responsible for Bao's roadmap for the following year, with discussions and proposals starting in the beginning of Q4 each year and concluding by the end of the year. The team responsible for the years roadmap are called "maintainers".

2024 Road Map

The full annual agenda for 2024 provides an overview of the direction of the project in 2024. It has been archived here. The key roadmap milestones are:

Q1 2024:

  • Launch of flywheel tokenomics changes that remove inflation in implement buybacks ✅

  • Sunset baskets and approve new Borrow Vault collaterals ✅

  • Launch Liquidity Balancers for baoUSD and baoETH ✅

  • Multichain alpha testing ⏳

  • Minter Alpha testing ✅

Q2 2024:

  • Launch the first baoUSD and baoETH Lend Market ⏳

  • Launch Minter MVP ⏳

  • Complete research and begin testing integrations for multichain expansion

Q3 2024:

  • Expand baoUSD and baoETH Lend Markets

  • Evaluate progress and traction of lending markets and AMM FEDs. Make adjustments as needed based on market feedback

  • Complete research and begin testing integrations for data synth based Minter

  • Launch first data synth Minter MVP if research successful

Q4 2024:

  • Launch multichain expansion if research successful

  • Begin development for data synth Minter Factory if research is successful

  • Develop plan and milestones for 2025 based on learnings from 2024 initiatives

  • Re-evaluate resource allocation and budgets based on trajectory

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