Internal Resolutions

Overview: Bao operates as a living protocol, entirely governed by its users. While they wield the power to make most decisions, there are established processes and structures to ensure effective operation without requiring a vote for every action. For decisions that aren't public, such as allocations, Guardians acts as the proxy.


  1. Internal Voting: To maintain decentralization, an internal voting system addresses specific issues like:

    • Resolving budget disputes

    • Approving confidential partnerships or integrations

    • Handling urgent security situations

    • Removing Guardians

    Voting involves three key groups:

    • Maintainer Galaxy: Assesses protocol security, financial ramifications and matches against current proposals, DAO principles, and product roadmap.

    • Guardians: Focuses on each galaxy's goals and the overall product roadmap.

    • Community Galaxy: Voices the broader community's perspectives.

    All Guardians will have an equal vote with the maintainer galaxy deciding the action on split votes.

  2. Annual Roadmaps & Maintainer Elections: Each year, the Maintainer Galaxy proposes an annual roadmap and stands for reelection. Proposals are tabled in October, with a vote ensuing on November 1. If multiple proposals get the nod, a conclusive vote designates the Maintainer. The new Maintainer assumes duties on January 1, facilitating an orderly transition.

  3. Guardianship & Maintainer Powers:

    • Once elected, Guardians remain in their positions unless voted out or if they violate their agreement with the DAO. Typically, Guardians are expected to be active in chat daily, attend at least one standup meeting each week and complete agreed tasks in a timely manor.

    • Newly elected Maintainers can recall Guardians if highlighted in their yearly plan; otherwise, a public vote is necessary.