Archived products have been sunset by the dao & receive no further updates - use them at your own risk.

PNDA will unlock 5% of harvested tokens. The remaining 95% are locked. Those tokens will lock until BSC block 15513277, and will unlock in a linear fashion until block 68079942 (roughly 6 years from the beginning of emissions).

Panda is the first franchise from Bao Finance's multi-chain ambition and sets foot in the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

Pandaswap is currently composed of the following components :

  • A DEX market (AMM)

  • A yield farming page that distributes the PNDA governance token

  • A new set of features and products tested for the Bao Protocol (Items and Creatures)

Please note that while PandaSwap objectives are aligned with Bao Finance, distribution, fees, governance, and pools are different.

The following sections detail the differences between BAO and Panda, how Panda will fit into the BAO ecosystem and cover other key information.

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