Welcome to Bao Finance

Welcome to Bao Finance. Our mission is to transform how we interact with and leverage information by tokenizing data. We will make it accessible and actionable for everyone, moving the power of information from institutions to individuals. We are crafting a new foundation for the future of financial data markets that is open and fair for all, with decentralization and security at our core.

What is a Synthetic token or Synth?

Throughout these documents, there are many references to synths or synthetics. A synth/synthetic is just a token with a value linked to a price feed or other data source. Bao's synthetics always are fully backed with the best possible decentralized collaterals, like ETH and protected by proven safety measures like loan liquidations and stability pools. The price of our synthetics is enforced with a fixed price in our borrow vaults, liquidity balancers, variable interest rates and will also be mintable/redeemable for collateral of the correct value with The Minter once it is live.


Bao Finance uses a locked staking mechanism called veBAO (voting escrow BAO). By locking up BAO for more extended periods, holders gain more voting power to shape the protocol and earn a boost to revenue on the platform. Liquidity tokens can be staked to earn a share of revenue. This puts control and more significant rewards in the hands of committed long-term community members.

We invite you to join our community and help push the frontiers of decentralized finance together.

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