Treasury and Multisigs


  1. Budgetary Decisions: Instead of micro-managing every expense, an overarching budget is sanctioned by the multisig, capped at 1/3 of annual treasury assets.

  2. Exceeding the Cap: Expenditures surpassing this limit require a snapshot vote.

  3. Other Treasury Activities: Rebalancing and similar actions just need multisig sign-off.

  4. Asset Restrictions: The treasury is barred from using perpetual, futures, or options unless it's for reward farming through a neutral approach. This stipulation is immutable for future votes.

  5. Snapshot Voting: The multisig will initiate official votes via Snapshot.

Treasury Vault

  • Address: 0x3dFc49e5112005179Da613BdE5973229082dAc35

  • Purpose: BAO Finance Treasury

  • Signers: Baowolf, Chickn, Vital, Fabiaz84, Haruxe, zfogg

  • Signature Requirement: 3/6

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