Team Structure

BAO operates under a decentralized governance model, with its community of token holders as the backbone. This section provides a concise overview of the structure, roles, and operational mechanics within the BAO universe.

Galaxies: Galaxies are dedicated teams with specific goals that serve BAO's community. While some galaxies are permanent, others can be temporary or project-based. A galaxy can be initiated or discontinued through a full governance vote.

  1. Maintainer Galaxy:

    • Role: This galaxy ensures the orderly functioning of the BAO ecosystem during the decentralization process. In addition they are responsible for consolidating liquidity, managing DAO's finances, and overseeing governance processes. Key responsibilities include cash flow management, grant allocation, and strategy creation for staking treasury funds.

    • Authority: They can revoke permissions for security reasons but cannot unilaterally stop budgetary payments without a public vote.

    • Annual Review: Each year, the Maintainer Galaxy undergoes re-election and sets a forward agenda. This process ensures that they continue to serve the BAO's best interests or are replaced. Anyone is able to submit an agenda for the next year to compete with the current maintainer galaxy.

  2. Community Galaxy

    • Role: Acts as the bridge between the broader community and other team members, fostering engagement, support, and education.

  3. Engineering Galaxy

    • Role: Focuses on the development, maintenance, and improvement of BAO's smart contracts and front end.


  1. Guardians:

    • Role: These are more permanent team members, guiding their respective galaxies towards their goals. They are typically salaried due to their significant contributions.

    • How to Become One: Guardianship is achieved through consistent value addition, showing initiative, good judgment, and mentoring. Anyone can create a vote for someone to become a guardian.

  2. Contributors:

    • Role: These are regular contributors to the project, laying the groundwork for becoming guardians. While they're not salaried, they recieve grants based on their contributions. Typically contributors work in a flexible manor and submit progress updates for which they are fairly paid.

    • Path: A contributor typically progresses to a guardian position after consistently delivering value and is accepted into the role via a community vote.

The BAO's structure prioritizes decentralized decision-making while ensuring the protocol's security and efficiency. It allows for flexibility, adaptability, and a broad community influence in its direction and growth.