Bridging back to Ethereum

• Now you have successfully converted your tBAO or BAOcx back to BAO, you will need to bridge it back to mainnet on the omnibridge.
• Click on the down arrow on the left side to start a search for the token you desire to bridge back to main-net.
• In the search box at the top of the interface that popped up, type BAO. You’ll want to select BAO, not BAOcx.
• If you have not already approved the transfer of BAO on the Omnibridge, click to unlock, then hit confirm in your wallet.
• If you are approved or had just approved the transfer of BAO, specify the amount of BAO you wish to bridge to main-net and click request, continue and then confirm in your wallet and wait for the specified amount of Block Confirmations.
• Follow the instructions given by the bridge and switch to ETH main net.
• Now that you are back on ETH main-net, click claim on the interface the confirm the transactions in your wallet.
Congratulations! You have successfully converted and bridged tBAO/BAOcx into Baov1 on main-net!