Important Notes

This is a list of things to take of note of while migrating or using veBAO. If you have any suggestions please let us know in the discord!
  • When locking into veBAO ensure that you lock your locked BAO into veBAO first before any liquid BAO(BAO in your wallet.)
  • Migrating Locked BAO into veBAO is between 3-4 years, If you stake your locked BAO into veBAO then any liquid tokens you lock will be locked for the same time after.
  • Migrating to veBAO uses your entire balance, if you wish to do 50% you will have to wait till 50% of your BAO is unlocked, claim it then migrate to veBAO.
  • Ending your distribution has a slash involved of 95-100% meaning that whenever you end your distribution you will being taking a slash fee that will remove a % of your BAO and give you what is left.
  • Claiming does not lock you into a specific choice and you may claim and then do the other options in the migration freely and claim as many times as you wish.