Exchanging BAOv1 for BAOv2

This is a quick guide on how to swap your BAOv2 with BAOv1, it's important to note that since there is a supply reduction, each 1000 BAOv1 is 1 BAOv2.
Go to app.bao.finance when you are on the site, you'll want to go to the top right and click "Swap BAOv1 - BAOv2!" this will only show if you have BAOv1 in your wallet.
Once you clicked that, it'll have taken you to the exchange page, which looks like this.
Next, you'll need to approve the use of BAOv1, so click on "Approve BAOv1", then click confirm in your wallet.
You will need to specify the amount of BAOv1 you wish to exchange or click MAX, then click "Swap BAOv1 for BAOv2" then click confirm in your wallet.
You now have redeemed your BAOv1 for BAOv2!