Creating a BAO Improvement Proposal

This document guides you through all the stages of creating a BAO Improvement Proposal (BIP)
Anyone is able to create a proposal to improve BAO. There is no minimum number of BAO required to follow the steps below.

Stage 1: Creating a Concept

An idea or concept discussion is the first step to propose a BIP. It can be as fully formed as you like to begin with, but to progress to a formal governance proposal it must meet certain criteria, which are described below.
During this stage, a proposal or idea is in development and may not have all the details required to turn it into a proposal. For example, it may not have numbers, models, or technical specifications needed to implement a change. Ideas are important as they allow members to be creative.
It's the community's job to help ensure those ideas progress into actionable BIPs, by discussing their details, providing feedback, and debating the different aspects involved with implementing them. This allows a concept to transition into a fully formed proposal.
Ideas should be discussed and turned into proposals in Concepts
If you want to get the feelings of the community on the direction we should take, you can use a poll inside the forum post to gather sentiment and use the results to guide the formation of your proposal.
Click the settings icon then build poll to start a poll

Stage 2: Turn a concept into a BIP

After 1 week in the concepts section of the forum, you can create a draft BIP in the thread you started and ask @staff (forum moderators) for feedback/ for it to be moved to a BIP.
There should be a detailed explanation of all areas proposed in the concept so that it could be implemented without ambiguity by the relevant galaxies. Including any data, models, and explanations of the methodology used needed to fully assess the proposal
Moderators will check with the relevant galaxies if all the details needed to implement the proposal are present. If it meets the requirements they will move it to Governance Proposals and give it an appropriate BIP Number.
It is important to note that while moderators may participate in the discussion around a proposal they will not filter proposals from progressing to a BIP based on whether they agree with them or not, only on whether they are fully formed or not.

Why is it important to write a correct BIP?

A detailed BIP allows galaxies easily to implement the proposal as it was intended without the need for interpretation, which avoids disputes resulting from miscommunication. The team can have confidence the changes they are making have been agreed on by the community and the implications are well thought through.
How to show support for a BIP?
Help to contribute to the discussion, build relevant analysis, and creation of models. Highlight the proposal or new and important posts in the #governance-discussion channel on the discord server, create Twitter threads, memes, and generally help the community engage with the BIP you care about.

Stage 3: BAO Improvement Proposal / BIP

Once the forum moderators agree that a proposal has the required detail, it will be moved to the **** Governance Proposals section of the forum, where it must spend at least 1 week so the community can evaluate the final details of the proposal.
If the proposal has spent 1 week unchanged, anyone may request @staff (forum moderators) to move the proposal to snapshot for vote.

Stage 4: Voting

It is the responsibility of the party(s) proposing the change to promote and gather support for it in order to meet quorum, which is 10b votes. When a vote does not receive 10m veBAO voting on its outcome, it will be left to the judgement of multisig holders (or maintainer galaxy before multisig is implemented) on whether to implement the change or not.
Multisig holders (or core team, before multisig is implemented) can veto a vote. When this happens it will automatically go to a revote within 4 weeks, where 25% of voting power and a majority of 2/3 are required to overturn the veto.
In the event of a veto, the team will create a forum post explaining their reasoning and give at least 1 week for opposition to the veto to make their points and for both sides to gather support for the revote.
Vetoes are intended as a safety mechanism for multisig holders, who are voted on, to prevent changes to the project that are deemed clearly damaging to its future.