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The Public Job Board

To organize tasks and ideas we have a public job board in place to display them for the community. After discussion, Contributors and Guardians can add tasks to the public job board. Everyone will have equal access and opportunity to take on new jobs and tasks.
The public job board can be found here: Trello 6
To participate in the public job board you will need to:
  • Select a job you are interested in working on and open it
  • Find the contact for the job and ping them on the BAO discord server in the relevant Galaxy’s public channel.
  • They will discuss with you the next steps and move the task to “onboarding”, so that others looking at the board can see there is a candidate for it already.
  • When you are ready you can start working on the task. Make sure to give an update at least once a week to your contact. After two weeks with no update, the task will be moved back to unassigned.