Submitting Ideas

This page describes how to submit ideas without having to follow the governance proposal process
Ideas should be submitted by creating a post in the "proposals and suggestions" channel on Discord, with the details of the task they would like to see completed, then create a thread from the message
A proposed task will need to follow a specific template in order to help the Galaxies capture the essence and details of the idea or task to be done:
Summary :
Description :
Requirements : <What would be needed in order to achieve the task (Proposal voted, budget, expertise, knowledge, etc.>
Scope | Acceptance criteria : <How can we define this task a success ?>
Contributors and Guardians will respond and discuss details and decide how to proceed.
If the job adds value it will be accepted and added to the public or team job board with a link to the thread so it can easily be followed. This process allows ideas to be discussed in public and for the conversation to be easily tracked. Threads are automatically archived after a few days of inactivity, by which point a conclusion should be reached.