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Create a New Galaxy

A galaxy is a team composed of many individuals that work toward the same goal (Community management, front-end development, etc.)
Those galaxies work together for the greater good of the DAO. They often collaborating on the same task or project, for example, to develop and roll out a huge milestone, and sometimes they may have their own priorities to bring value to the DAO.
Currently, the following galaxies are present in our DAO
  • Maintainer Galaxy
  • Community Galaxy
  • Front-End Galaxy
  • Smart-Contract Galaxy
  • Quality Assurance Galaxy
  • Creative Content Galaxy
  • Treasury Galaxy
New Galaxies could be created temporarily by external teams, or by community members, or could be designed to be permanent.
To create a new Galaxy, a concept will need to be created and follow the BIP process adopted by our DAO.
The difference in this kind of concept is that galaxy creation run by the community will need to be submitted by a galaxy Guardian or a galaxy Contributor. If a Contributor submitted the concept, it would need to be endorsed by at least one galaxy Guardian. This requirement is mandatory in order to ensure that:
  • A new Galaxy is really necessary (a new role or responsibility could not be given to an existing Galaxy)
  • The Galaxy created will at least have a veteran Galaxy Guardian that can help transition and support the inception of the Galaxy and the management of the internal activities
  • The collaboration between the other Galaxies will be optimal
  • The Galaxy created will be created for the greater good of the DAO
A concept of Galaxy creation shall contain the following details :
  • A description and a purpose
  • Why a new Galaxy is necessary
  • Galaxy guardians and contributors to join the rank at day 1
  • Predicted operating budget and / or grants
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • A plan that describes how the Galaxy will serve the best interest of the DAO

Galaxy End of Life

A Galaxy can be temporary or permanent. Temporary Galaxies generally have a short-term existence, structure, and funding if necessary.
A proposal to dismantle a Galaxy can occur when a Galaxy falls into the following situations :
  • The purpose of the Galaxy is becoming irrelevant or unnecessary
  • There is no Guardians or Contributors to keep alive that Galaxy
  • An external team was managing the Galaxy and isn’t contributing anymore
  • The Galaxy is split into two or more Galaxies
  • The Galaxy is merged into another one
In these situations, funding to the Galaxy will cease, and the multisig committee will transfer ownership of any contract, wallet and assets to a new multisig composed of Galaxy Guardians.