Small tasks, initiatives, and ideas are not linked to bounties. Consistent contributions will likely lead to more senior roles in the community or grants paid at the discretion of each Galaxy from their monthly budget. Below are some examples:
  • List a token on CG
  • Write an article
  • Moderate the board
  • Do a small PR to fix a QOL bug
  • Create a proposal
Bounties are decided to be posted by the Galaxy Guardians if the task is deemed too complex, seeks a specific skill set, or because the DAO needs extra capacity in a timely manner.
Contributors can apply to a bounty but not guardians as they are core contributors and subject to regular payment by the DAO.
All of this is subject to a transparent treasury management alongside cash flow reports to ensure the safety and long-lasting life of the protocol.
The following spending structure for bounties has been agreed with the community:
  • Bounties over $50k must be approved via snapshot vote by the community. They will follow the usual governance process unless they are deemed time-sensitive in which case an accelerated proposal will be put through governance
  • Bounties ranging from $2500 - $50k in size will be received authorization from multisig without a governance vote so long as the bounty:
    • Has a clear spec request.
    • Adds clear value to the Bao ecosystem or franchises.
    • Is solicited publicly through Gitcoin or other channels so anyone may be eligible to claim the bounty.
  • Payments under $2.5k can be made at the discretion of each Galaxy from their ongoing operating budget without prior approval. Each Galaxy will disclose all spending in a publicly available spreadsheet.