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Contribute to baoDAO

Onboarding Process

We want to be open to many Members and Contributors while having in place an onboarding process to ensure that each person is well supported.
Any Member or Contributor will be able to contribute to Galaxy tasks by taking one from a public task board, joining in with them in the public Galaxy channels, or by applying to be coached by the DAO on any area they are interested in via the DAO applications channel.
For example, if you want to help, but are unsure what to do or feel there are no public tasks that fit your interests, you can fill in an application with your areas of knowledge/expertise and tell us a little bit about yourself.
A Galaxy guardian will pick up your application and help you to find something to do or assign you a job when one comes up if there isn’t one immediately available.
Here is how the onboarding process works:
  • Find the #apply-to-bao-dao discord channel.
  • Browse the messages for each galaxy, and respond with the emoji to the one that fits your skills and interests best. You will be given access to an application channel for that galaxy
  • Read and follow the pinned message, which will contain instructions on how to proceed with your application
From there your application will be reviewed by Galaxy Guardians. You may be asked to complete some trial tasks first, then on acceptance, you will be granted a Contributor role in the galaxy you applied for.
A successful applicant will be paired with a Guardian that will be their mentor and be tasked to onboard them as a Contributor as fast as possible to the Galaxy.
The Contributor will have access to internal documentation, ongoing tasks, weekly or timely objectives and can also team up and collaborate with the Members of the Galaxy for new proposals or to tackle bigger tasks. Showing initiative will help you progress further.

What rewards will I get for contributing

There are no set rewards for contributors for individual tasks unless they are posted as a bounty.
Each galaxy has a monthly budget and can choose to allocate it however they wish. If an individual provides value to a galaxy they will likely want to incentivize them to keep doing so, and reward them for their commitment. It is therefore expected that some of the monthly budgets each galaxy has will be used to reward contributors on an ad hoc basis, based on the value provided.

Why might an application be refused?

An application being refused could be for different reasons such as:
  • The applicant demonstrates behaviors not aligned with our code of conduct
  • The applicant applied to a Galaxy where they cannot contribute (Ex : Front-End galaxy without pertinent Web3 experience)
  • The applicant has minimal time to contribute (<4 hours a week)
  • The applicant is inactive or unfamiliar with our communities
An applicant that is denied may reapply after a month.

How to Become an Official Guardian of a Galaxy

After contributing to a galaxy for a period of time any member of the community can make a BIP and have a Contributor promoted to Galaxy Guardian. Promotions to guardians should be reserved for individuals who are instrumental to the success of the galaxy & must have the support of the Galaxy in which the Contributor is to be promoted in order to ensure a harmonious working environment within the Galaxy.
The DAO will reward new Galaxy Guardians with a small grant and regular payments can be negotiated in line with the contributions the Guardian is expecting to make on an ongoing basis.