Bao Finance Docs

Entering Markets

This page assumes you already read how to supply and are now ready to use your supplied assets as collateral for the lending markets.
  • Again I’ll be using ETH as an example because it's the asset I supplied, but this applies to any Collateral asset, select one you have assets supplied in.
  • When you select it you should see a slider next to supply, hover over it with your mouse and it’ll detail what it's for, click the slider and a transaction from your wallet will come up, click confirm in your wallet, and after the transaction goes through the slider will turn orange indicating that your supply can now be used as collateral.
  • The slider for Collateral will change indicating you are ready to go to begin minting in the Bao Market, your Health Factor will also change to reflect the new collateral you just deposited.
After completing these steps you are now ready to begin minting!