BAO is governed and run by its community of token holders who are at the center of the BAO universe. This page defines the different roles in the DAO, how they work together and how to be onboarded or offboarded from different roles.


A galaxy is a group of people serving the community with a common goal. A galaxy can be temporary or permanent, and people can be members of multiple galaxies.
There are several permanent galaxies already in existence, and new ones can be proposed for and created by following the Bao Improvement Proposal process
Any Galaxy may be shut down, or its members recalled, and payment immediately ended by full governance vote.

Maintainer Galaxy

The maintainer galaxy oversees the project and the other galaxies during the decentralization process. As the organization matures and decentralizes more, the power of the maintainer galaxy is reduced to the minimum required to sufficiently fulfill its role.
The Maintainer Galaxy has the authority to remove contract permissions, treasury permissions, multi-sig permission,s or repository permissions from any Galaxy member violating the agreement of the DAO or their position or who is believed to be a security threat. But that will not halt the budget payments to that Galaxy.
To halt payments that were approved in an annual budget, it must be done by public vote.
This ensures that the Maintainer Galaxy has the authority to act quickly in protecting the protocol from a security threat but does not have the right to 'fire' anyone. It removes the ability for this system to be a hierarchy that does not involve public voting. If the maintainer wanted to remove anyone from their role, it must be done with a vote that gets majority public approval, for example, as part of their annual agenda.
This payment clause will only apply to a Galaxy's annual funding proposal that the Treasury approved and would not apply to temporary Galaxies or funding provided to a Galaxy for a specific project.
Both temporary Galaxies and project-based funding have specific goals, and funding can be halted anytime if it fails to hit those goals.
At the end of each year for Bao, the maintainer galaxy need to be reelected and set a forward agenda. An agenda must be then approved for them to continue forward as maintainers. Or else we must vote in other replacements.

Community Galaxy

The community galaxy aims to engage, educate and support the community and function as a link between the wider community and other galaxies.

Smart Contract Galaxy

The Smart Contract Galaxy aims to build, maintain and improve smart contracts for BAO products.

Front End Galaxy

The goal of the Front End Galaxy is to build, maintain and enhance the web front ends for BAO products. UX/UI designs and web3 development are among their principal responsibilities.

Quality Assurance Galaxy

Members of this galaxy are responsible for developing and implementing inspection activities, detecting and resolving problems, and delivering satisfactory outcomes for every product BAO is working on.

Creative Content Galaxy

The Creative Content Galaxy is responsible for creating BAO-related artwork and marketing materials. This includes videos, tutorials, logos, promotion graphics, and help with UI designs.

Treasury Galaxy

The Treasury Galaxy's roles and responsibilities include, among other things:
  • Consolidating and centralizing liquidity from all revenue sources and franchises
  • Creating and maintaining strategies to stake and earn passive income with treasury funds
  • Ensuring that the DAO has short-term liquidities to operate
  • Ensuring the payment of grants, salaries, bounties, and operating expenses
  • Manage cash flow and projected balance of the DAO
  • Provide salary charts and scales to support the possible hirings and member onboarding
  • Report treasury activities

Governance Galaxy

Responsibilities of the Governance Galaxy include:
  • Create and improve governance processes with a focus on decentralization and automation where possible
  • Assist the community to complete and create Improvement proposals that are complete, doable and cover all relevant areas.
  • Coordinate discussion between galaxies and the community to ensure balanced opinions are formed for each decision point the DAO has.
  • Each year, agree on goals with the community, create governance proposals for each milestone and agree on the details of their implementation with the community. These goals should include any items the maintainer galaxy mandate in their annual agenda governance proposal.
  • Assist the community with creating improvement proposals and managing the governance process.
  • Break down each governance proposal into tasks and coordinate with other galaxies and the community to ensure their completion promptly.
  • Ensure documentation represents the most up-to-date state of the DAO after each vote has been completed
  • Encourage engagement from the community and other stakeholders in governance
  • Ensure that internal votes are done with the proper mechanism and safeguards
  • Trigger and document annual governance votes
  • Validate the quorum of each governance vote
  • Research and vote in other protocol votes on behalf of the DAO when relevant and beneficial to Bao.



Guardians are senior members of a galaxy whose responsibilities are ensuring that the galaxy performs its duties to achieve its goals. The DAO usually pays them a salary to reward them for their time because their contributions are seen as integral to the success of the galaxy.
Anyone can become a guardian, but achieving the role is not easy. Once achieved, you will have a responsibility to protect your galaxy. Guardians get their role by consistently and over an extended period adding value to the DAO, showing initiative, good judgment, and mentoring other community members.

Council of Guardians

The council of guardians is composed of at least one member of each permanent galaxy. They are the most senior members of the DAO and are responsible for ensuring all galaxies coordinate their efforts.
Decisions not put to a public DAO vote, such as treasury breakdowns or anything that needs sign-off from each of the Galaxies for approval, shall use the Council of Guardians as a proxy.
If a guardian from the council leaves his role, then the galaxy they are from can elect a new one to take their place.


Contributors are members of a galaxy who have established a position for themselves by contributing to its success regularly and proving to the guardians of a galaxy that they can add value consistently. They will be given guidance from guardians where needed.
Before becoming a guardian in a galaxy, you must first be a contributor for the galaxy. Contributors are not given a regular salary by the DAO but may be issued a grant from the galaxy's monthly budget.